VLSerial,with Motor carrier
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VLSerial,with Motor carrier
ABs VL serial structure pump can adapt motor according customer demand。
(50 Hz、 60Hz、ABB, Simens, Ex , etc.)
Product type: VL95-430, Motor power from 2.2 kW to 18kW


PRESSURE RANGE: 33 – 1013 mbar

SUCTION VOLUME: 24 - 470 m³/h



ABs liquid ring vacuum pumps are displacement pumps of uncomplicated and robust construction with the following particular features:

         nearly isothermal compression

oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber

therefore non-polluting

Capable of handling of nearly all gases and vapours

small quantities of entrained liquid can be handled

easy maintenance and reliable operation

low noise and nearly free from vibration

          wide choice of materials, therefore applicable nearly everywhere

shaft not in contact with the medium

protection against cavitation as standard

incorporated dirt drain

no metallic contact of the rotating parts


ABS liquid ring vacuum pumps VA are single-stage